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Administrative Staff

Richard Dunn
Interim Executive Director
(404) 656-5600
Hayley Howell
Government Affairs Liaison
Office: (404) 656-5215
Prevention and Family Support Division
2 Peachtree Street, 8th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30303
Carole Steele
Program Director
Office: 404-656-2631
Alicia Parks
Abstinence Grant Administrator
Office: 404-232-1599
Lindsey Dale
Grants Specialist
Office: 404-232-1609
Elisa Storyk
Grants Specialist
Office: 404-463-6398
Laura Griggs
Grants Specialist
Office: 404-463-6396
Kirby McClendon
Finance Administrator
Office: 404-232-1614
Troy Scott
Finance Officer
Office: 404-463-6394
Juvenile Justice Disivion
104 Marietta Street, Suite 440 Atlanta, GA 30303
Samantha Wolf
Program Director
Office: 404-657-1958
Matthew Pitts
Planning and Policy Development Specialist
Office: 404-657-2014
Keith Parkhouse
Juvenile Justice Detention Monitor
Office: 404-657-1959
Family Violence Division
104 Marietta Street, Suite 440, Atlanta, GA 30303
Kristy Carter
Grant Specialist
Office: 404-657-2061
Quincie McKibben
Grant Specialist
Office: 404-657-2083
Natalie Williams
Grant Specialist
Office: 404-657-2224
John McGahee
Finance Officer
Office: 404-657-2219
Division of Family and Children Services
2 Peachtree St., NW, Suite 19-227 Atlanta, GA 30303
Helena Schneider
Special Assistant to Katie Jo Ballard
Office: 404-232-1634
Dahlia Bell Brown
Office: 404-232-1243