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GOCF Staff Member Recognized for Contributions to Youth and Families

January 15, 2013

Keith Parkhouse, Juvenile Detention Monitor for the State, was recognized recently at the Dedication Ceremony of the Clayton County Youth Development and Justice Center in Jonesboro. Keith was one of ten individuals to receive special recognition for their contributions to the youth and families of the Clayton County community.

Prior to coming to work with the Governor’s Office for Children and Families, Keith had served for 26 years as Director of Juvenile Court Services for Clayton County. While at the Court, Parkhouse was named a fellow of the National Center for State Courts and served, first, as President of the Georgia Association of Independent Juvenile Courts and,  then, in subsequent years, as President of the National Juvenile Court Services Association. In 1989, Keith was named Outstanding Court Administrator in the Juvenile Courts of America by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

The Governor’s Office for Children and Families joins Clayton County in celebrating the accomplishments of Mr. Parkhouse.