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GOCF Announces New Military Family Support Grant Awards

January 4, 2013

The Governor’s Office for Children and Families has started a new grant program to support military families across the state of Georgia. This first-time grant program aims to serve military families by increasing family support and increasing school achievement for youth of military families. GOCF is proud to announce the following Military Support Grant awards:

Kings Bay Naval Base- $50,000

Reach Out and Read- $50,000

Marine Corps Logistics Base-$30,808

Kings Bay Naval Base will primarily work with youth of members of the Navy families who are stationed at the base in Camden County, Georgia. The program aims to alleviate educational disruptions during times of transition by empowering military youth through outreach services, supports, and activities. Peer to peer mentorships and afterschool clubs will be created to increase academic achievement for youth of military families, while community engagement activities will be developed to acclimate families to the new community.

Reach Out and Read is a national organization that trains pediatricians on the latest research and family engagement strategies. By receiving the grant, Reach Out and Read will expand by serving military families and their children, ages 0-5, who are stationed at Fort Gordon, Robins Air Force Base, or Fort Stewart. With support from GOCF, Reach Out and Read will create literacy rich waiting rooms at on-site pediatric offices, and will provide age appropriate reading books to youth and families to promote and track an increase of time spent engaging in quality reading.

Marine Corps Logistics Base will empower military spouses and youth who face barriers to employment and community engagement in the Dougherty County area. The program will implement job fairs and education fairs for both the spouses and youth. Career trainings will be offered to increase knowledge in areas of resume writing and interview skills, and job certification trainings will be developed to certify military youth in areas such as babysitting, lifeguarding, and customer service.

The Governor’s Office of Children and Families looks forward to partnering with these programs to carry out the mission of the agency to reach, support, and empower communities to serve Georgia’s children and families.